Delicate Care for the Wedding Gown Cleaning of Jasmine’s Treasured Dress

We took extreme lengths in cleaning Jasmine Tooke’s treasured wedding gown. Designer Zuhair Murad ensured that Jasmine looked breathtaking for her fairy tale wedding. After a memorable wedding day, Jasmine was concerned about finding the right company to clean and preserve her sentimental gown. You’ll be surprised at the intricate methods we used to handle this special dress, but it’s just another day at the office for the Wedding Gown Specialists!

Jasmine’s Anxiety Over Her Precious Dress

Jasmine’s exquisite, custom-made couture wedding gown was five(!) times the size and volume of a normal wedding gown. Her wedding dress also had very delicate handmade lace, beading and sequins.

A tall order like this wedding gown is an impossible task for unseasoned cleaners. Yet, Jasmine’s concerns were put to rest after she discovered us online and then came in to visit our Brentwood location.

She put her trust in our 30+ years of knowledge and reputation to carefully clean and preserve her precious wedding gown.  

Astonishing Cleaning of Jasmine’s Custom-Made Wedding Gown

When brides come to us for wedding dress cleaning, we perform a detailed assessment to apply the best methods, as many as it takes. For Jasmine’s gown, our entire cleaning room was dedicated to her gown solely for two full days.

While Jasmine was on her honeymoon, her mother was overseeing the gown cleaning process. She was involved in each phase and checked in regularly to receive pictures for reassurance.

Leaving such a precious gown in someone else’s hands would cause anyone anxiety. Yosr, and the whole WGS team went the extra mile in communications throughout the entire process, so both Jasmine and her mother felt reassured, even when they were unable to come in and see the progress in person.

Jasmine’s train was cleaned by hand as it was too large and delicate to be machine cleaned. Her gown was also hand cleaned with every stain scrubbed. Imagine each being hand scrubbed with a slightly larger version of a toothbrush – that was the level of detail we applied!

The beading and sequins on Jasmine’s gown were cleaned using q tips dipped in dry cleaning solution, a gentle cleanser that removes grease and grime without water or vigorous agitation. After air drying the Zuhair Murad gown using multiple air movers, it was carefully steamed and hand ironed.

Jasmine’s Special Wedding Gown Preservation

Normally one preservation chest is used for wedding gowns. Yet, Jasmine’s gown was disassembled into two different components. Each section was preserved in individual chests using acid free tissue, muslin wrap and an acid free preservation chest.

Our wedding gown cleaning and preservation methods backed by decades of successful use. That’s why it’s paramount to work with cleaners who have dealt extensively with specialty garments.

Undoubtedly, Jasmine was extremely happy with the result and elated that she chose The Wedding Gown Specialists of Los Angeles for the aftercare of her wedding gown.