Door To Door Cleaners are the professionals’ first choice for dry cleaning delicate, vintage garments and accessories.

An unfortunate truth when it comes to casual cleaning: it’s extremely difficult to ensure any item is entirely blemish and odor-free. You might not notice small imperfections in last season’s fashions, but when it comes to timeless pieces decades old, accumulated grime and stains really add up. This is how thrift stores come by their distinctive aroma.

Fortunately, we have the equipment and know-how to keep well-loved clothing looking and wearing like new. Trust Door To Door to restore, preserve and rejuvenate your vintage garments: from sentimental family heirlooms to priceless couture. We remove the toughest stains, eliminate odors and repair damaged textiles. Our team has spent decades addressing the full range of wardrobe care, including silks, leather, cashmere, down filling, even furs. When you bring us your vintage garments, who knows? We may have cleaned it when it was new.

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