Our non-toxic Professional Outdoor Fabric Protector is a powerful nanotechnology based liquid and stain repellent treatment designed for outdoor patio furniture, cushions, umbrellas, awnings, and other outdoor fabrics. This treatment creates an invisible barrier that protects the surface from the damage caused by water, dirt, mud, and food stains. It also helps protect fabrics from fading by blocking out harmful UVA/UVB rays. It is free of harmful fluorochemicals (like PFAS) and performs on canvas, cotton, suede, mesh, polyester and more. Outdoor Fabric Protector helps protect your patio furniture against the elements. Enjoy more time outside with the people and pets you love with the safest protection that will keep your patio furniture looking fresh all year long. 

Keep your outdoor fabrics looking new longer with Outdoor Fabric Protector package.

  • Repels liquids & blocks stains
  • Slows down absorption allowing for easier clean-up
  • 2-step application
  • Contains no dangerous or harmful fluorochemicals commonly used in other water & stain repellents ( Scotchguard etc.)
  • Provides UV and fade protection
  • Dries clear and odorless
  • Does not change the look or feel of the fabric
  • Maintains breathability of fabrics
  • Cures at room temperature and can last up to 12 months
  • Will not harm people or pets