We hate to see beautiful garments and textiles ruined by moth holes, cigarette burns, and any other damage. The good news is our expert weaving service can often restore damaged clothing, antique rugs, and other treasured items.

Clothing Reweaving

Door To Door Cleaners specializes in both block weaving and French weaving. Repairs through a block weave are best for suits and other wool garments. This process involves taking a small piece of fabric from the garment from an inconspicuous area and weaving that piece of fabric over the damaged area. This is less expensive than French weaving, but can be somewhat visible when complete.

French weaving is a method of weaving yarns by hand into the damaged area. This type of weaving uses yarn removed from less visible parts of a garment, and can result in a virtually invisible repair. Because French weaving is a tedious, labor-intensive process, it can be expensive because it may require many hours of work.

Rug Restoration

Persian and Oriental rugs are an investment because they require highly-skilled weavers. Our expert restoration and reweaving services ensure that your valuable rug remains in great condition so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our professionally-trained technicians have decades of experience in hand-cleaning and repairing luxury textiles made of wool, silk, and synthetic fibers. We pay special attention to damage to the rug’s structure and pre-inspect all areas including the sides and ends, and will raise any questions and concerns before we begin our work.

If there’s anyone who can save damaged garments or rugs, it’s our reweaver. Get a complimentary assessment for French or block weaving and visit any Door 2 Door Cleaners location or call us at 877.374.2567.