Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners Expands Green Commitment with Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicle

LOS ANGELES – Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners of Los Angeles, CA is a company that believes in sustainability and protecting the environment. The company not only utilizes non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning technologies, but was the recipient of a green energy loan for the construction of their new plant, which includes a number of energy-saving green features. Recently, Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners expanded on their eco-friendly mission through the purchase of a Nissan LEAF electric vehicle.

The Nissan LEAF will be used for transporting and picking up same day special orders from Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners’ ten locations, says CEO Sajid Veera. The vehicle is anticipated to save up to 25 gallons of gas per week, or about $5,200 a year, in fuel costs.

Veera says that he shopped other electric vehicle options, but decided on the Nissan LEAF based on its interior roominess and fold-flat rear seats that further increase cargo space and carrying capacity.

The eco-friendly Nissan LEAF joins a number of other green practices and technologies at Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners. The company’s central plant facility, which opened in November 2013 and has received national design recognition, incorporates green technologies such as skylights to provide natural lighting and help dissipate heat in the plant; high-efficiency lighting; 18-foot ceilings, which also help with heat dissipation; double-wrapped steam lines; and high-efficiency boilers. In addition, Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners employs the newest green cleaning technologies, including SystemK4 by Kreussler, a 100% green, biodegradable drycleaning solvent that is safe for humans and the environment; Green Earth Cleaning; and traditional wet-cleaning. The new plant also allows for other green initiatives, such as providing dedicated space for recycling plastic hangers.

Because the plant construction project was financed in part through a Small Business Administration (SBA) green energy loan from the South Bay Business Development Council (SBBDC), Veera was familiar with state and federal incentives for green business. He says that Door-to-Door received approximately $5,000 in federal and state tax credits towards the purchase of the new electric vehicle.

“Adding the new Nissan LEAF to our fleet is in keeping with Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners’ eco-friendly mission,” says Veera. “We’re excited to test it to see if it will suit our needs, and we anticipate adding more of these vehicles for our shuttle runs in the future.”