Earth Day Beach Cleanup 2022

Door To Door Cleaners Trash Pickup at the beach

Over the past 32 years, our company has grown to 12 locations over Metro Los Angeles. LA is our base, the home of our customers, and where we raise our families. To help out our community, we decided to address an often overlooked but important issue: beach trash.

Our company went to 36th street – El Porto in Manhattan Beach, with the goal of removing trash and enhancing the overall environment. We hoped the seemingly pristine looking beach would be clean, and that we quickly remove any trash we could find.

But, we were very mistaken.

Once we started slowly walking along the beach we noticed there were many pieces of plastic along with thousands of cigarette butts. We were able to clean a very small portion of the beach and quickly realized the potentially vast amount of trash and pollution present at each beach in Southern California.

Door To Door Cleaners Trash Pickup at the beach

Our team enjoyed the day and it gave us a brief respite from our normal routine. In 2023, we plan to adopt a beach near our Marine & Highland location in Manhattan Beach, and if you’d like to volunteer and help in this effort, please stay tuned and we will send out info via our social media channels. The more volunteers we have , the more trash gets picked up and the cleaner the beach stays !

Let’s take charge and protect these beautiful beaches and preserve them for our future generations to come!