Overnight Interior Cleaning Magic at Angelini Ristorante & Bar

When you’re in the cleaning business, you get used to fielding stain questions from friends, family, and neighbors. When your neighbor is the Angelini Ristorante & Bar in Pacific Palisades, you go the extra mile!

Chef Matt Weinberg keeps the Angelini Cafe open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, so we came in after hours and restored the hard-worn upholstery to like-new condition. After the last dinner guest left on Sunday night, our crew cleaned, sanitized, and repaired some minor damage like pulled staples and small tears.

We couldn’t risk a damp cushion come Monday morning, so after we put away the upholstery extractors, we left a set of high-power blowers to run overnight, and came back after breakfast on Monday to put the finishing touches on a like-new interior.

If the Door to Door interiors team can work this kind of magic on a space that sees hundreds of guests daily, imagine what we can do for your home! Get in touch with our helpful service representatives today and schedule a complimentary estimate.