Fluff & Fold

One of the convenient services we offer at Door To Door is a laundry service we call ‘Wash-Dry-Fold Laundry’, aka Fluff & Fold. You can drop your bag in store or use our pick up & delivery service.

With Fluff & Fold we wash your garments using eco-friendly detergents, tumble dry, then fold them with care (no pressing though). We know you’d rather be living life than doing laundry… Here’s what you need to know to start using this service:

We sort your items into ‘lights’ and ‘darks.’

We wash whites together with lights, and colors together with darks. We charge by the pound instead of individually ‘cleaning’ items. Please do not put any delicates (silks, cashmeres, linens or leathers) or alterations into your laundry bag!

We wash using top line hypo allergenic detergents.

We wash all items at appropriate temperatures unless getting the best results absolutely requires a higher temperature. We use the highest quality, eco-label compliant, professional strength detergent for all Fluff & Fold laundry, no enzymes, no dyes, no phosphates. Not tested on animals!

We tumble dry!

We tumble dry all items, so please remove any items from your bag that cannot be tumble dried. Please note that viscose and cashmere items particularly dislike the tumble dryer…

Hang Dry items can be accommodated if they’re put in a separate bag and labeled as Hang Dry.

Don't just take our word for it.

We invite you to test our service by calling 877.374.2567. Schedule a complimentary pick up today, or come into any of our twelve locations.