Cleaning Christina Aguilera’s Bold Style for the 2021 Latin Grammys

At Door to Door Cleaners, we treat each piece that passes through our doors like celebrity couture, and fairly often—this happens to be the case!

One of our favorite projects recently was this outfit worn by none other than Christina Aguilera at the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards. People Magazine snapped the star on the red carpet, writing:

Celebrating her return to the Latin Grammy stage after more than 20 years, Aguilera, 40, didn’t disappoint with her red carpet look. The pop star stepped out channeling dominatrix style with a curve-hugging black gown with oversized, puffy latex glove-sleeves that added an extra edgy feel. Aguilera’s fiery red hair, worn in a sleek half-up style, added an extra fierce element.

— Christina Aguilera Brings Dominatrix Style to 2021 Latin Grammys with Fire-Red Hair and Latex Look

Each element in this red carpet look received careful detailed attention to the special material and one-off construction. Before these garments made headlines, our experienced cleaning specialists ensured not a single stitch was out of place. This same attention is available for your closet — get in touch with Door to Door Cleaners today to see what we can do cleaning both couture and everyday wear.