Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners Travels to Italy to Sharpen Knowledge of Industry, Fine Textiles

LOS ANGELES – It is the mission of Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners to provide the best quality dry cleaning services in the Los Angeles area.  The company is staffed by garment care experts with deep knowledge of textiles and garment care. This knowledge was gained, in part, by Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners’ affiliation with America’s Best CleanersTM (ABC), the industry’s only independent certification entity. Representatives from Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners recently traveled to Italy with ABC to continue their education and professional development with tours of high-end textile mills and leading equipment manufacturers.

ABC has built an expert reputation of technical training and fashion education through its relationships with industry experts, designers, textile manufacturers the world over.  Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners has been selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners every year since 2011.  Sajid Veera, the company’s CEO, and Yasmin Veera, Company Director, traveled to Italy from September 24-October 5, 2014 with ABC and a group of its Affiliates.

The agenda for a trip included a day at Loro Piana in Quarona.  Loro Piana is an industry leader in the luxury goods market, and the time spent at their world headquarters offered Affiliates a true appreciation of what makes a couture level cashmere and vicuna garment, allowing these professionals a better understanding of the details involved in the selection of the material to final construction.  Affiliates, including members of Door-to-Door Valet Cleaners, left Loro Piana better equipped to approach the cleaning and finishing of customized level garments of this caliber deserve.

“The trip to Loro Piana re-enforced and added to my knowledge of fine fabrics and how different weaves are created and what seperates cheap cashmere & wool from the best stuff,” says Sajid Veera.  “This type of experience gives me the confidence to speak with my most discriminating customers on the highest level.”

In addition to the time spent learning about the production of fine fabrics, the group also toured the Perugia, Italy factory of Metalprogetti, the global leader in fully-automated garment management technology and the Bologna manufacturing facility of FMB Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of textile dry-cleaning equipment.  This first-hand view of how state-of-the-art cleaning systems are designed and manufactured gave ABC Affiliates a greater understanding of the enormous benefits of what can be a major financial investment can mean in terms of lowering emissions, waste, and energy usage.  The tours also offered Affiliates a unique insight into the science and engineering that goes into cleaning textiles from all facets of the apparel industry.

The group made time during their stay in Italy to attend Expo Detergo Milan 2014, the European equivalent to the United States’ Clean Show.  For 17 years, Expo Detergo has been entirely dedicated to drycleaning and industrial laundry service providers and companies, showcasing the latest technology and innovative products designed for the industry, spanning from machinery, ironing equipment, detergents and chemicals, to transportation, identification, packing systems and accessories.

“The exposure our affiliates are provided on this trip is priceless,” says Chris White, ABC’s Executive Director.  “Not only are these once in a lifetime opportunities to learn from the best makers in the world, but the knowledge and ability to share these experiences with their clients, local retailers, and in-house teams will pay dividends for many years to come. It’s very rare when a drycleaner can speak to a Loro Piana associate and/or client with the first hand experience from learning from the maker themselves in Italy. There is a tremendous amount of clout and confidence provided to those that purchase these amazing items when they need to be cared for.”