How is Eco-friendly cleaning different from regular Dry Cleaning?

As our society grows more mindful of minimizing environmental impact, both individuals and businesses are seeking sustainable alternatives. One industry embracing sustainability is dry cleaning, and we at Door to Door Cleaners are proud to be leaders in eco-friendly cleaning

Traditional dry cleaning uses a chemical solvent called perchloroethylene, also known simply as “perc.” While it is an effective cleaning agent, particularly when dealing with greasy stains, perchloroethylene contributes to air pollution, contaminates groundwater when improperly disposed, and is considered a probable human carcinogen. 

Image of knitwear cleaned by eco-friendly solution. Crop of photo by Dan Gold

Door to Door Cleaners is proud to work exclusively with modern, eco-friendly alternatives to dangerous substances like perc. Our primary solution is a purely organic substance derived from US-grown corn. Independent tests determined that this solution outperforms perc on the Delta Whiteness Index (DWI), a measure used to evaluate the effectiveness of a dry cleaning process in terms of stain removal and whitening capabilities. This innovative process is classified by European regulators as a non-hazardous material. Additionally, this solution is biodegradable, resulting in harmless, inert compounds when disposed of. 

Of course, one single treatment approach isn’t appropriate in all situations. When our standard alternative solvent isn’t enough, Door To Door can deploy a variety of finely-tailored cleaning products, including professional wet cleaning (not washing) using plant based cleaning agents, citrus, soy, and even silicon-based solvents. Door to Door Cleaners has both a deep roster of eco-friendly cleaning options and the expertise and judgment needed to determine which treatment is most appropriate. 

Our commitment to minimizing environmental impact doesn’t end with our cleaning processes. In addition to our innovative solution options, we have implemented the following eco-friendly improvements:
– Reduce electricity consumption by embracing energy-efficient technologies and equipment
– Eliminate unnecessary packaging and avoid single-use, non-recyclable plastics
– Work with eco-friendly waste disposal operators to recycle waste instead of leaning on landfills
– Cut water consumption through equipment that doesn’t depend on water-based agents 
– Sponsor staff training in sustainable practices and certifications

By understanding the risks of traditional dry cleaning, it’s clear how our informed decisions support environmentally responsible businesses and contribute to a greener future. Get in touch with Door to Door Cleaners today to experience eco-friendly dry cleaning yourself!