Consent To Process Upholstery

    I understand that expert professional care will be taken in the processing of my upholstered item(s). Upholstered furniture and related items occasionally develop “soft” areas due to wear and tear associated with normal use, as well as continued exposure to environmental conditions such as sunlight, heat, humidity, and air pollution. Prior attempts at cleaning and/or spot cleaning by laypeople using non-professional methods may weaken fibers and leave behind cleaning solutions in the fabric that will not interact well with the professional level cleaning solutions that we use. As a result, in spite of the utmost care given to these items during our cleaning procedure, the following may occur: color loss, fading, holes and tears. While stain removal will be performed by experienced staff using accredited professional methods, the possibility of color loss and/or fabric damage exists due to conditions such as unstable dyes and weak fibers. As these items have a degree of soil coverage on their fabric, it is recommended that all matching items (upholstered furniture, pillows, cushions, window treatments, etc..) be cleaned at the same time using the same cleaning process in order to ensure balanced shading. In consideration of the preceding explanation I agree to hold Door To Door Valet Cleaners, its staff and affiliates harmless in the event that any damage should occur to my upholstered item(s) as a result of your cleaning process.