Consent To Process Window Treatments

    I understand that expert professional care will be taken in the processing of my window treatments. Shades, Blinds, Curtains and Draperies, while hanging, occasionally develop “soft” areas due to continued exposure to sunlight, heat humidity, and air pollution. As a result, in spite of the utmost care given to these items during our cleaning procedure, holes and tears may appear. Some faded areas may not be apparent due to soil coverage. Additional shrinkage may sometimes occur, due to the nature of the fabric, or because they were not fully preshrunk by the manufacturer. The glue that binds the shades may delaminate over time causing separation of the fabric. For these reasons we will clean your draperies and/or window treatments providing you agree to the following exceptions:

    I have read the above statement and do not hold you responsible should any of these conditions
    occur to become evident during the cleaning procedure.

    1. Sun fading

    2. Loss of color due to non-fast dyes.

    3. Tears or holes due to fabric degradation while hanging.

    4. Shrinkage due to improper pre-shrinkage at manufacturer.

    5. Water stains which may darken due to heat of the cleaning process.

    6. Change in texture

    7. Change in finish

    8. Separation of fabric on shades and blinds due to glue delamination.