Door to Door Cleaners

    Insured Information

    Door to Door Valet Cleaners will prepare all documents for billing your insurance company directly for services performed. By signing this document you are authorizing Door to Door Valet Cleaners (“DTD”) to perform services for you as necessary, and you will be responsible for all expenses incurred, including but not limited to: cost of cleaning-related services, travel, removal of textiles, inventory processing, storage, and/or delivery.

    I authorize and direct my insurance company to pay DTD directly for services provided. If for any reason your insurance company issues the payment voucher to the “customer, “ you hereby agree to endorse, assign or pay DTD within 5 days of the receipt of payment from insurance company, including any deductible amount not covered. If payment is not made within five days from receipt date of payment voucher, customer agrees to pay service charges at one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month or the highest amount allowable by law, whichever is less, plus reasonable attorneys fees, court costs, and all costs of collection for unpaid balances. To expedite payment the customer hereby appoints DTD as his/her/its attorney-in-fact, authorizing DTD to endorse customer’s name and deposit insurance company checks or drafts in satisfaction of services rendered by DTD. Customer is responsible for payment in full to DTD for all services rendered, regardless of any personal decision customer makes regarding the disposition of textile/clothing(including customer’s decision to donate items, cash out items, or any other actions), and customer is responsible for any deficiency in the payment by the insurance company.

    Additionally, I understand that during the restoration process it could take additional time to attempt to restore my items to the condition prior to the event necessitating the restoration (to the extent feasible) and that all work done will be with the understanding that preexisting conditions do exist and are not the responsibility or fault of DTD. Examples of preexisting conditions include: damage by sunlight (including for draperies, curtains, valances, or any window treatment), water, pets, wear, age, fading or any other factors, including shrinkage and/or color loss; and rugs that are in a weakened condition due to age, sunlight, water, pets, wear, age, fading, snagging, soiling or any other factors including backing deterioration that can occur during cleaning. Unless I provide DTD with a detailed, written inventory of the items removed from my premises at the time they are first removed, I agree that the off-site inventory conducted by DTD is the complete and accurate account of the items removed, and waive any rights to claims of missing items once my items are removed from my property. Any litigation between you and DTD shall be initiated in the County of Los Angeles. In the event of any litigation between you and DTD, the prevailing party in any such proceeding shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees.

    I understand, authorize and fully agree to the above terms and conditions.